REDEFINE by Bose Tobit

Your environment can tell you who you are or who you ought to be before you define it yourself. We sometimes find ourselves in situations that are beyond our control. Some people struggle with the issue of self-identity because they are still living in what their circumstance has to say about them. Until you make a conscious decision to break free and redefine yourself, you are going to remain stuck in that same position.

Sometimes we focus more on blaming the circumstance than taking responsibility. We are quick to say it is someone’s fault while ignoring the part we had to play. Most times, people are blinded to their own fault and the part they played in a situation, not because they don’t know it exists but because they are too scared to confront it.

We live in a “give me” society, where we find ourselves dependent on others, so when something happens, we are quick to blame the next person. We put so much trust in that person, so much energy, when the person doesn’t meet our expectations, we become broken. Imagine what will happen if we decide to put all that trust and energy in ourselves. When you decide to go through with the plan, to believe so much in yourself that nothing can stop you unless you decide to stop.

Don’t become so consumed by your situation that you fail to see who you are and who you can be. Make the decision to change your perception of yourself. Its never too late to redefine yourself.

We are blinded by own fault and the part we played in a situation, not because we don’t know it exists but because we are too scared to confront it.